• Energy & Battery Solution Based on superior Energy & Battery Solution technology, INCELL develops and produces ‘Energy Storage System (ESS)’,
    ‘Lithium Battery Pack’ to clear energy and environment problem.
  • Energy Storage System Energy Storage System efficiently save the energy to provide the functions; Peak load reduction,
    Improving grid reliability, Smoothing renewable energy
  • Communication Today, the world is getting closer by depending on the extension of communication network.
    Therefore, the stable operation of the communication infra is more important as time goes by.
    The LIB Solution in INCELL which only use Samsung SDI’s cell is the best to fit the stable and
    economical operation; the life cycle is bigger than Pb type, the maintenance cost is less than the Pb,
    the range of operation temperature is wide.
  • Industrial The lithium battery as a backup power supply of industrial plants is the most efficient and economical.
    INCELL has been providing a wide range of lithium batteries for industrial backup power supply
    can satisfy the customer's requirements.
  • Automotive With regard to the equipment for driving (=EV),
    the lithium batteries are essentially applied to them, and INCELL has been providing the lithium batteries to a variety of
    equipment to satisfy the customer's requirements
  • Others Currently, it applies the lithium battery is essential to improve the efficiency and functionality of
    various equipment (Machine & Equipment), including the robot. INCELL has been providing
    the lithium batteries to a variety of equipment and always satisfy the customer's requirements

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